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Moorhen game

Moorhuhn is a German casual game franchise for PCs and various other platforms. It consists interface, as many cartoonish "swamp chickens" (German: Moorhühner; literally "moorhens", i.e. willow ptarmigans) as possible in 90 seconds. Pick up your weapon and take aim in Moorhen 3 – The Chicken Chase! Moorhen 3 – The Chicken Chase! is a shooting arcade game where you play the role of a hunter hunting down all the hens. Pop away all those chicken heads and try to get them all in this fun shooting game. Play Moorhen 3 - The Chicken Chase! Nintendo Game Boy Color game online for free in your browser. No download required.

Moorhuhn Shooter game: You are a hunter looking for ducks, but suddenly all you see is flying chickens! Shoot as many. I'm sure most of you played some game from Moorhuhn series. The object is to shoot as much fowls as possible. Smaller fowls brings you more points. GBA / Game Boy Advance game rom online through your browser using flash emulator, Moorhen 3 – The Chicken Chase! games online, bits.

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