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It seems an obvious concept, but for Giovanni Schiavone that with his team started the shipbuilding to Santa Maria di Castellabate (SA) Italy, with the new name "Cantieri Navali Cilentani" it's very important to reconcile the art of the oldest professions and that of the navigation with knowledge of the latest technologies and the needs of clients; both the pleasure and the corporate world ship owners of the work units. So much so that in our shipyard survives the seamanship of craftsmen, custodians of knowledge both ancient and valuable. And is next to these traditions that are part of expert carpenters, alongside skilled workers for all work to be done with the use of light alloys, steel, composites and more sophisticated.

Chief Administrator: Giovanni Schiavone
Construction Management: Giampiero Renna
Technical Direction: Umberto Carrino
Public Relations and Secretarial: Anna Feo
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