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Catblock firefox

Download CatBlock for Firefox. CatBlock is an ad-blocking extension, which replaces ads with cute pictures of cats (or whatever you want)!. CatBlock. An ad-blocking extension, which replaces ads with pictures of cats Available for Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox desktop browsers. In other news, CatBlock updates the AdBlock core to version , Right now, we have not yet started working on CatBlock for Firefox, and it seems that.

CatBlock - An ad-blocking extension (with an ability to replace ads by 49+; Opera: 35+; Safari: 6+; Firefox: 48+; Edge: Windows 10 Anniversary - version CatBlock version number: Developer UserAgent: Mozilla/ @itskieranp itskieranp added br-firefox bug labels on Aug 16, Popular Alternatives to CatBlock for Mac, Windows, iPhone, Chrome, iPad and Popular and efficient blocker for Chromium, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera.

I followed Catblock's troubleshooting instructions, including opening Firefox with AdBlock and see if the ad is getting through there. The ad that I. AdBlock is a content filtering and ad blocking extension for the Google Chrome, Apple Safari (desktop and mobile) Firefox, 2 Sales and acceptable ads; 3 Filters; 4 Partnership with Amnesty International; 5 AdBlock for Firefox; 6 CatBlock. The latest Tweets from CatBlock (@CatBlockTeam). all our loyal followers (and the non-loyal ones): please vote for us in the Firefox Add-On Madness battle!.

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