Sims 2 church objects download

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Sims 2 church objects

Warning & Credit: So far, recolored objects for The Sims 2 are in Beta stage. Use at your own risk. You need to have the Color Enabler Packages (CEP). Credits. Free Downloads / Sims 2 / Objects / Furnishing. Searching for 'church'. Retail Sims offers free downloads of custom content for The Sims 2. Christian Church Set (page 1). Click to view full size Church Banners. Polys:

TheNinthWaveSims: The Sims 2 - The Ten Commandments Sculpture Recolors of Smithycpl's Golden Cross - Silver and Rose - Object Recolors - Affinity Sims. May 25, Religion was extremely important to people in the Middle Ages, and Sims are no exception. So these mods can help you build big, beautiful. I did this for personal use but maybe someone else may find it useful. It's a mesh and texture edit of Exnem's pancake cart (it's a bit now, I guess.) I didn't edit the.

This page is located on the SimsWiki. To view it in 2 Lots; 3 Sims; 4 Objects; 5 Careers and Majors. Religions, faith, worship, and churches. Here is a few Objects That I made to make a church for my Sims. A baptismal font that doubles as a sink, an altar that is a table, a church pulpit sims can preach from, Sims 2. 30 Comments / replies (Who?) 29 Favourited. ReligioSims (now free) Currently offers Christian and Jewish objects; looks like Everyday Sims 2 - St. Mary's Church and Community Hall.

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