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Dcom95 1.3

DCOM95/98 Config Utility. DCOM95/98 Config Utility. Details. Version: File Name: cantierinavalicilentani.com Date Published: 4/12/ File Size: KB. This tool. application that needed me to install DCOM95 into this Win95 system. Therefore, I installed the DCOM95 version into it. But, It crashed. If running Windows 95, download and install the latest version of DCOM95 ( version ) from Microsoft's web site. If you are running Windows.

Click here to download DCOM To run DCOMEXE, simply double click the file name in Windows Explorer or go to Start / Run and browse for DCOM 3 Release Notes Last Modified: September 14, DCOM95 provides Distributed COM support for Microsoft Windows The DCOM wire protocol. Warning: DCOM98 version as available for download through this link may not be redistributed. DCOM95 version is intended for Windows 95 only.

I just added DCOM95 object to one of my component. I tried to install it to pure win95 PC. But nothing happens. Should I initialise object first. The Visual Basic and Visual Studio installation programs install DCOMexe. DCOMexe version is available for download from the Microsoft Web site. Q INFO: DCOM95 and DCOM98 Version Information 4,71,0, | DCOM95 and DCOM98 , build | Released to the Web. DCOM95 extends the support for Distributed Component Object Model ( DCOM) for Microsoft Windows The DCOM wire protocol.

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