Aero lite theme download

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Aero lite theme

"Aero Lite" theme was introduced in Windows 8 testing builds to replace " Windows Basic" theme present in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Aero Lite theme. Similar to Windows 8, the brand new Windows 10 comes with a secret hidden Aero Lite theme, which can be enabled with just a simple text file. The Aerolite theme exists since Windows 8 Developer Preview. It was then a replacement for the Aero Basic theme. However all references to it.

How to Change Color of Window Borders and Title Bars in Windows 10 Information When you change the color in Windows 10, it will only. You have two options to enable the Aerolite theme for Windows 10, you can download a theme file already modified or modify a theme file. Now, if you love the Aero Lite theme and would like to get the Aero Lite visual style in Windows 7 as well, here is a nice visual style from a.

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