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Feret dataset

As part of the FERET program, a database of facial imagery was Or you can download the 6 files (5 data files and 1 file containing their MD5. The goal of the sponsored research was to develop face recognition algorithms. The FERET database was collected to support the sponsored research and the FERET evaluations. Department of Defense (DoD) Counterdrug Technology Development Program Office sponsored the Face Recognition. The Facial Recognition Technology (FERET) database is a dataset used for facial recognition system evaluation as part of the Face Recognition Technology .

FERET Database. gigabytes of faces for training facial recognition software. Download Data Package This dataset has no data. K. Delac, M. Grgic, S. Grgic, Independent Comparative Study of PCA, ICA, and LDA on the FERET Data Set, International Journal of Imaging. The DOD Counterdrug Technology Program sponsored the Facial Recognition Technology (FERET) program and development of the FERET database.

could anyone help me to get dataset called " color FERET Database" for faces. so please if there any body have this data may can send to me. than you. Color. Hi Mehdi Azizi,. I hope you may get required data from this link. . Using Color FERET facial image database on Windows platform. I have downloaded FERET. Download scientific diagram| Face Recognition Technology (FERET) face dataset. from publication: A Novel Multimodal Biometrics Recognition Model Based on.

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