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Jeff the killer comic

I decided to make this comic after reading creepypasta about Jeff the killer o_o. Full comic is already created by me, but it's in russian language. Jeff the killer is a creepypasta and i made manga based on original story. Hey you're doing a good job with the comic adaptation of his backstory!:D Your art. Just found it on Deviantart belong to mio-san13! Hope you like it Jeff, the past | See more ideas about Comic, Comic book and Comic books.

Jeff the Killer, Homicidal Liu, brothers, text, comic; Creepypasta. Ảnh Creepypasta OC của nước ngoài(Drop) - Creepypasta comic: Brother Jeff the killer, teaching people how to escape the charges of murder <<< lol. Creepypasta X Jeff The Killer Creepypasta X Ticci Toby Creepypasta X Hoody Jeff The Killer, Creepy Pasta, Comics, Deviantart, Lovely Things, The

Jeff the Killer & Sally - Only Creepypasta Fans Know Why He Wears The Sleep #wattpad #ngu-nhin Những Comic Creepypasta và Ảnh đều trên Deviantart. comics, arts and ask of jeff the killer. hola para los que lean esto, este es un blog donde publicare dibujos ramdon, algunas historietas y aquí puedes preguntar.

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